Saturday, March 11, 2006

๑ Live at Knebworth 7/21/80

This AVI video contains the Knebworth concert. It is a very large file, and requires the divx codec to play. Refer to K-Lite

Audio: MPEG Layer-3 192Kbps | Video: 25fps | Resolution: 640x480
Duration: 1:08:32 | Size: 699MB

The Knebworth concert video includes:

- Guilty
- Tubular Bells + Sailor's Hornpipe
- Excerpts from Ommadawn
- Interviews with Mike Oldfield

(Thanks to L. Gabor)


Mike Oldfield Live Concerts & Rarities


Sondela said...

Hi, the first link to the rar from Knebworth is invalid. Please, can you upload the first again? Thanks for this site. :))

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

hello there! there's no way to link the parts beause of the first file extension isn't the same...

what can i do?

Anonymous said...

rename the file and extension to make it look like the first part of the rar set

just rename it :)

Maxi D. - Argentina said...

Hello friends!!, this is a great concert. I'm grateful with persons that upload it. I looked this concert at VHS 20 years ago, and I can look it today again. Thank you very much!!. Un abrazo desde la Patagonia Argentina... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Downloaded all the files nothing will play, what program will play these video files

Anonymous said...

just downloaded they files what program is used to play them

kubi said...

Hi, do you think you could upload it again (was deleted due to period of inactivity...)
Seems absolutely briliant though...

Thanks very much.

BlutAusNord said...

Hi, I just discover this fantastic blog. I am very interested by the live at Knebworth (7/21/80) but he file was deleted due to period of inactivity.
Someone could re-upload it please ?
Thanx in advance !

Anonymous said...

Dear All, can anyone reupload this brilliant video???