Friday, March 10, 2006

๑ Live at Bremerhaven 11/01/82

Live at Bremerhaven, Germany 11/01/82


5,80 4:50 Ommadawn (beg) Live, Bremerhaven 11/01/82
breomm12.ama 9,88 8:14 Ommadawn (fin) Live, Bremerhaven 11/01/82

LIVE: The beginning and end of Ommadawn (i.e: "short" version, 13'). Great version, similar to the Cologne one, though in the final part, the solo drumming section is far shorter, which may be great or not, depending on your tastes. I think these shorter drums are preferable, indeed. Curiously, there's a few seconds in the final part when you can hear the voices of both Maggie Reilly and some other member of the band singing their parts !

breplat1.ama 4,24 4:25 Platinum (1) Live, Bremerhaven 11/01/82

LIVE: A wonderful, sizable excerpt of Platinum. The playing is perfect, the sound quality outstanding (17-year old recording !), but I think the most noticeable feature of this track is the *incredibly long* (some 20 seconds !) sustained chord which pops at the most unexpected time ! Initially I thought it was an artifact of the recording but no, the chord is real, to tease the audience I think ! The Cologne version also includes the same sustained chord at the same moment, but it's much shorter, and it isn't so "constant".

bretau21.ama 14,18 11:49 Taurus II (beg) Live, Bremerhaven 11/01/82

LIVE: IMHO, the best version there is of Taurus II, even better than the official one included in "Five Miles Out". Extreme quality, incredible playing, a must have!


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