Sunday, March 12, 2006

๑ Wind Chimes Video Album

This AVI video contains the Win Chimes Video. It is a very large file, and requires the divx codec to play. Refer to K-Lite

Audio: MPEG Layer-3 192Kbps | Video: 25fps | Resolution: 352x288 Duration: 59:20 | Size: 591MB

The Wind Chimes video includes:

The Wind Chimes (Part 1 & 2)
North Point
The Time has Come
Flying Start
Magic Touch

+ Old Promos

Thanks Mike:)

Download: MB MB MB MB MB MB MB

Mike Oldfield Live Concerts & Rarities


Anonymous said...

thanks for the share !!
but first link doesn't work.. it says "deleted"

please can you upload again the first part of the archive ?

Anonymous said...

Reupload please part 1

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Somebody upload first part pleeeease.

Anonymous said...

correct(not deleted) 1. part post again please.


Anonymous said...

part 1 has already been rposted some time ago.

Anonymous said...

What is the correct(reposted) adress of the part 1.?
Please help me if You can.
Thank's a lot.

Anonymous said...

I found it.

Thanks for Your help.

Anonymous said...

As of June 25, 2006 the first file of this set of RAR's has been removed. This is the line that pops up: "File /files/14637584/WindChme.part1.rar has been deleted.
Reason: THIS FILE IS FORBIDDEN TO BE SHARED! Complaints received." Why would someone complain about one file is beyond me. If it is not asking too much, if someone can post another (actually the same) number one file for this set, I will wash their car for a year (lie). Actually, I would be very grateful. All the other files are fine to download, but to decompress, you need the 1st file. Thanks if someone can help.

Anonymous said...

me again. I just want to set something clear. I am the one with the post from 3:42pm. The post from 9:27pm is not from me answering that someone has helped. The problem still exsists. Although I would like to know how he found it. So, someone, if you can, please help with the first file, as it is still a problem. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

search the site for

"WindChme.part1" with no 2nd i

Hope this helps