Wednesday, September 06, 2006

๑ Rare Footage from TV Stations


I'll be posting some new stuff into during the next days, from a DVD with Mike Oldfield rare footage from some TV stations around europe, you can take a look and download has i upload them, but be advised, don't expect to much video quality just because i said DVD, some videos have better quality than others, some are spanish some are english and some are german and there are no subtitles whatsoever.

Here is some of the content in order:

Tubular Bells (part 1) 1974
All You Need Is Love (the making of Ommadawn 1975 English version)
The Making Of Blue Peter 1979
Guilty (Top Of The Pops 1979)
Mike And Sally Oldfield on Rockpop German tv 1979
Music Box Incantations documentary (German tv 1979)
With Friends On Tour Munich 1980
Musical Express Spanish tv 1980
Brit Awards 1980
Nationwide Report 1980
Austrian TV 1981
Nationwide Report 1981
Razzmatazz 1982
Five Miles Out and Shadow On The Wall (Bananas German TV)

Plus some more clips from TV Stations around Europe

Despite the quality, this is a must for any avid Mike Oldfield collector so i would like to thank Nick for this, i don't know you but you know who you are ^:)

You can use hjsplit to join the parts back into one VOB, however you can still play each part individually with bsplayer

Hope you enjoy it, cheers!

Mike Oldfield Live Concerts & Rarities


Anonymous said...

Thank you!
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Bill Hayes said...


Just to let you know, server has had some issues but it's now all sorted. Or the apache2 bit is anyway, MySQL is playing up but that doesn't affect you. :-P

So anyone who's had trouble grabbing files from should no longer have a problem.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for these rare video archives !
Please don't stop to upload this great dvd :)

Anonymous said...

This is the same DVD rare footage somebody was selling on ebay a while ago it had the same description, nice to know we are having it here for free...:) how can we pay you?


gbcrvh said...

What is the status with Part IV and Part V? DIRs are created, but they are empty.

Anonymous said...


As I'm not really sure you read ALL the comments, even to the old posts, I decided to comment here and make some mess. ): deleted Wind Chimes video. Could you bring it back? For those of us who just recently get know of your blog?


Anonymous said...

part1 was reuploaded A LONG TIME AGO

5taipans said...

I just discovered your blog tonight by sheer chance.
Excellent stuff so I've leeched a few.
Do you have any Spanish concerts of MO ?
Thanks again

David said...

I came across your site by chance as I was looking for an old clip of the live Guilty show of Top of the Pops back in 1979. I was the drummer who performed the live session. It was the actual sound recording used and not the original! When will it be available on your site?

Livefan said...

Hi david, that's a very nice surprise, congratulations for your performance :)

as for the video you can find it at the beginning of rare footage part2

cozmic said...

Thanks a lot for this
Still some efforts and it will finally be complete !!!
Thanks again ;)

Anonymous said...

I cannot find cover-artwork on DVD RARE FOOTAGE. :-((( Please add link for cover on this website. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Anonymous said...

You can't find any cover-artwork because there isn't any as for now, try to make one by yourself and post it here:)

Anonymous said...

OK, I tried something, artwork for rare footage, cca 6 hours work, comments please, thanks

Amarokian said...

Very nice DVD Cover, i have published it together with this topic

Good Work!

Anonymous said...

Amarokian: Thank you for published on this website.

voyager1002 said...

Where can I find links for this interesting video?

voyager1002 said...

Wher can I find link for this interesting video? :-(