Monday, June 26, 2006

๑ Tubular Bells Demo 1971

Tubular Bells Demo 1971

Tubular Bells Demo was the first tubular bells record, together with Kevin Ayers support, Mike Oldfield had the chance to record a demo with his own music back in 1971. Two years later, this demo became one of the most promising records of progressive music history. This is what i bring here today, i have to warn you tough that sound quality is a bit poor, ocasionally it goes from stereo to mono, but it is still listenable.

Download Includes:

01- Tubular Bells Long.::.

02- Caveman Lead In

03- Caveman

04- Peace Demo A

05- Peace Demo B


Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

Note: As an alternative to i'm trying on a new service now from, because they claim giving unlimited host for files until they are no longer needed. Hope this service benefits all of you,

More coming soon, cheers!

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Anonymous said...

I have some problems extracting the files... All files came down without the rar-extensioin, which i had to add manually, then while extrcting, Mike.rar wants to continue with Nike.rar, which isn't there.

So i tried to rename Mike(2) to Nike.rar and continued *(3) - *(5) as Oike.rar, Pike.rar, Qike.rar which turned out to be the correct way.

Thanks for those files.

Anonymous said...

lol , thats funny mike nike oike qike

I renamed them a different way tough, as file parts must say.. part1.rar, part2.rar,...,part5.rar at the end of the file name, so you can write whatever you want before that

So, for instance:
1st Part
Mike -> demo.part1.rar

2nd part and so on
Mike -> demo.part2.rar
Mike -> demo.part3.rar
Mike -> demo.part4.rar
Mike -> demo.part5.rar


Mr. Bomb said...

Are those the demos from TB2003 DVD-A ?

Toto said... = hyper0000 !

Files not available...Please try another upload site...

Thanks for your posts


Toto said...

Sorry I am stupid !

Discription is not available but file is OK ...

Thanks !

Bill Hayes said...


If you're having trouble finding space to host these files, I'm a Mike Oldfield fan with a small website hosting company and I'll host all the Mike Oldfield stuff you like for free (space on the server being the only limiting factor).

Drop me an email if you're interested to or find me via my website or PM me on the forums (I'm on there as Morti).

And cheers for posting all this as well, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot
This is really very interesting !

karl.oz said...

Seems like the "unlimited host" thing didn't work out: The hyperload links are dead...

Could you pleeeeeeeeze re-upload these files? Thanks.

Karl.oz Salvation said...

karl.oz said...

Thanks a lot! That was fast!

Anonymous said...

Hello, apologize the nuisance, but you could not put this cd (demos 71) to lower it for rapishare, to make it easier, since I cannot be able to lower it, it excuses for my English, I am from Argentina, greetings Alberto

Anonymous said...

Thanks you!Thas it what i finding many time!thanks!