Friday, September 07, 2007

๑ Mike Oldfield in Busta Rhymes

Hi, this little piece of music is something new around here, don't ask were did it came from but i will update this post in the future as soon as i have the time and the real source.

Mike Oldfield Live Concerts & Rarities


Mr. Bomb said...

LOL this is funny. Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have always visited your blog. Sometimes dozens of times in the same month just to check if you have had free time to post something new. I have a few blogs to unrelated to Mike Oldfield, so I know how difficult it is to find time to add new content each month. No matter, when I see you do get around to it, it is a thrill to see what you have added. This last post as Mr. Bomb said, is funny. I enjoyed it so much. You never fail to post something entertaining. May I suggest the Ultimate bell? Google it. You may wish to post it. Again, as always thank you. -Martin