Saturday, March 18, 2006

๑ Wembley BBC in Concert 26/4/79

BBC in Concert Program 26/4/1979

More info @ 1st Tracks - Opening Part A & B


Opening Part A
Incantations Pt 1 (live)
Incantations Pt 2 (live).::.13:08
Incantations Pt 3 (live).::.8:52
Incantations Pt 4 (live).::.11:58
Closing Part
Opening Part B
Tubular Bells Pt 1 (live)

Guilty (live)
Tubular Bells Pt 2 (live).::.11:16
Guilty (encore)

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Mike Oldfield Live Concerts & Rarities


Anonymous said...

Trouble with TB Part 1, Winrar can't unpack it.
Is this a different show to Exposed? Great sound quality

Anonymous said...

my personal experience with RS is that sometimes we get CRC errors but that doesn't mean that the file is corrupted, and most probably file got corrupted during download, so most of the times re-downloading solves the problem, but not this time because it seems the file was deleted...

Anonymous said...

July 1st '06- I am so saddened that this, or rather, both these files have been removed from RapidShare due to complaints. Unlike the WindChimes first file on another page, that also was removed, at least a search on this site found another alternative place to download it. No alternative exsists for these files. Pherhaps someone can help by uploading these to rapid share again, under new files names? Great site though.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a post on July 1st (above) now it is Aug 16th, and it seems no one responded. Although it aches my musical heart not to have these two files, I so hope other additions are added. I do check every day in hopes that there are new gems. Without a doubt, I have enjoyed this site more then any Oldfield site that comes to mind. For those who also enjoy Mike Oldfield, visit (type in Mike Oldfield in search) and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

i will repost Wembley BBC in Concert in a few days for you

Anonymous said...

here you go i hope everything is fine

and dont forget to properly rename the files (if necessary)


Anonymous said...

Aug 27 '06 THANK YOU! and yes everyone, it works fine (Copy & paste into your address bar). What joy to only wait 30 seconds for each file before downloading, oppossed to 15 minutes to an hour on RapidShare. It was very nice of you to repost these, as I in the USA do not get much of a chance to see MO in concert. Thank you again.