Thursday, March 23, 2006

๑ Not (quite) Tubular Bells

Not (quite) Tubular Bells

Hi Again, this one features some twisted versions of TB, TB Rap Mix, Tubular Affair, Funkie Tubular Bells and Mike Oldfield Early Stages of Tubular Bells (as you can see in image above rsrsrsrsrsrs)

"Early Stages, was released of an embryonic form of Sentinel, as a B side to the sentinel single. It presents a recording made before the arrival of Trevor Horn on the project. The track has a much darker, moodier sound than the final album, much closer in feel to the original Tubular Bells. It seems that Horn's influence turned Tubular Bells II into a much more light, airy sounding album, free of much of the aggression of the first album"

Small Excerpt taken from
, where you can find out more!

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