Monday, March 06, 2006

๑ Making Of TB II

Making of Tubular Bells II

Making TBII : First electric guitar
Making TBII : Solo bass
Making TBII : Acoustic guitar
Making TBII : Glockenspiel (missing)
Making TBII : Guitar 2 (missing)
Making TBII : Keyboards (missing)

"F%$%ing hell"


.anyone with the missing parts? Thanks

Mike Oldfield Live Concerts & Rarities


Anonymous said...

by the way... Thanks for sharing all those live performances...

SiriuS said...


First of all thank you very much for sharing your files.

Other parts are in these links:

A question: Do you have a video of Mike Oldfield with his parrot?? I'd like to see this funny video ;)


Invictu said...

Thank you for your comments,
it's nice to have some feedback

sirius i have absolutely no idea, seems to me that this parrot video is part of one of MO DVD's, or appeared on TV, nevertheless you got me curious, now im also wondering about this video:)

SiriuS said...

This is an image of the video of Mike and the parrot ;)

I don't know what is exactly... I suppose it's an interview on TV, perhaps in 1990 or before.