Monday, February 20, 2006

๑ Live at QE Hall XX/XX/75

David Bedford
"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

"The Rime of The Ancient Mariner was brought upon a famous poem from a romantic poet of the 19th century, Samuel Coldridge. Bedford could have gone for only a musical impression of the poem, but he wanted more. So the whole poem is being recited by the excellent intonating voice of Robert Powell, and that voice and music proves to be a winning combination. Bedford has created just the right melodies, themes and atmospheres to float along the great poem Coldridge created a century and a half ago. Like the poem, the music is also a masterpiece. We hear that typical unruly minimalistic building of suspense and uneveness in a way only Bedford can do. Although minimalistic in character, the outcome is more of a complex brew of piano, organ, bells, guitar and synth which culminates in a grotesque, sometimes medieval, but ever fascinating soundscape. Even within that framework Bedford does leave room for improvisation. Oh yes, there's even a children's choir aboard. It's deadly horrific in the uprise of disonant harmony and strangely beautiful in the ultra soft passages. What more do you want from adventurous music. - Roel Steverink"

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Rime of the Ancient Mariner *LIVE* version 1975 @ Queen Elizabeth Hall

Six tracks from the wonderful *LIVE* version of David Bedford's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner", which features Mike Oldfield's outstanding and inspired guitar playing.

As the live concert is a continuous affair, all six tracks are included as a single file, so that you can burn them to CD using a cue sheet for continuous, gapless playing.

Audio: 256 kbps/Stereo/44 khz

Download: MB

As this is such an old recording (25+ years), and in order to achieve the maximum quality it deserves, audio was digitally extracted and then 'remastered' it till it was in optimum shape. I hope you'll agree with me the result was worth the trouble: very little residual noise, better stereo, more clarity and depth to the voices, better defined guitar. (Thanks to VA)

Data necessary to create the cue sheet:

Track Begins Ends Comments
track 1: 0:00 1:53 MO at 1:21
track 2: 1:53 3:33
track 3: 3:33 7:01 MO at 3:36, 5:20, 6:24
track 4: 7:01 10:34 [Rio Grande I] MO at 9:04
track 5: 10:34 16:02 MO at 10:34, 12:39, 14:40 [RG II])
track 6: 16:03 16:58 audience clapping, end

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hi, i just want to thank you for your initiative, please keep up updating your site with more rarities and other stuff, im a big mike oldfield fan, ever since i was a little, thanks.

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rapidshare erased this file. what a shame....