Monday, February 27, 2006

๑ Live at Katowice (Poland) 7/25/99

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" Absolutely FANTASTIC show last evening!...Mike introduced the whole team and said "now we'll play a short part of Ommadawn". And that was IT!!! Absolutely brilliant! Polish language I'd say the most "zajebisty" moment of the show, but in English words FUCKING FAnTastiC must be enough... it was the second standing ovation of this evening."

Katowice CD1 (49:08) :


01 -In the Beginning.::.
02 -Let There Be Light.::.01:35
03 -Supernova.::.06:42
04 -Crystal Clear.::.09:54
05 -Shadow On The Wall.::.15:35
06 -Ommadawn Part I (short version).::.20:34
07 -Band Intro.::.30:48
08 -Cochise.::.31:49
09 -Embers.::.37:20
10 -Summit Day.::.41:31
11 - Muse .::.46:27

Katowice CD2 (52:10) :


01 -TB III's Intro.::.
02 -The Source of Secrets.::.00:25
03 -The Watchful Eye.::.05:55
04 -Jewel In The Crown.::.08:05
05 -Outcast.::.13:42
06 -Serpent Dream.::.17:40
07 -The Inner Child.::.20:42
08 -Secrets/Far Above The Clouds.::.24:53
09 -Moonlight Shadow.::.33:18
10 -Family Man.::.38:54
11 -Claps.::.43:24
12 -Adlib/Secrets.::.44:34
13 -Far Above The Clouds (encore).::.46:44

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Toto said...

En français on dirait PUTAIN de concert!!

Merci mille fois pour ces lives introuvables (dommage que certains ne sont déjà plus accessibles...)

Anonymous said...

the files have .ama extension, how can i extract, join? them. any special software needed? Please help.

Anonymous said...

thanks now i know :P

Anonymous said...

.ama plays in your favourite audio player(.ama is renamed .MP3)